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The Role of a Los Angeles TaTME Specialist in Colorectal Cancer Treatment

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BY: ARMEN GREGORIAN | March 7, 2024 | Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer remains a significant health concern, with its treatment requiring a multidisciplinary approach involving various specialists. Among these experts, Los Angeles Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision (TaTME) specialists play a crucial role in ensuring effective treatment outcomes. In this article, we delve into the pivotal role of a TaTME specialist in colorectal cancer treatment, shedding light on their expertise and contributions to patient care.

Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision (TaTME) is an innovative surgical technique used in the treatment of rectal cancer. It involves accessing the rectum through the anus to perform precise dissection and removal of the tumor along with its surrounding tissue. This minimally invasive approach offers several advantages, including improved visualization and access to the tumor site, reduced risk of complications, and enhanced preservation of sphincter function.

The Expertise of a Los Angeles TaTME Specialist:

A Los Angeles TaTME specialist, such as those at Armen Gregorian, MD, possesses specialized training and experience in performing this advanced surgical procedure. They are skilled in utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure optimal outcomes for patients undergoing colorectal cancer treatment. These specialists work closely with a multidisciplinary team, including oncologists, radiologists, and pathologists, to develop personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s needs.

Key Responsibilities of a TaTME Specialist:

Patient Evaluation and Diagnosis: TaTME specialists conduct comprehensive evaluations to accurately diagnose colorectal cancer and determine the stage of the disease. They utilize advanced imaging modalities and diagnostic tests to assess the extent of tumor involvement and plan the most appropriate treatment approach.

Surgical Intervention: Los Angeles Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision specialists perform minimally invasive surgical procedures to remove colorectal tumors while preserving sphincter function and minimizing postoperative complications. They employ precise techniques to ensure complete resection of cancerous tissue while preserving the integrity of surrounding structures.

Postoperative Care and Follow-Up: Following surgery, TaTME specialists provide ongoing care and support to patients, monitoring their recovery and addressing any concerns or complications that may arise. They collaborate closely with other healthcare providers to coordinate follow-up care, including adjuvant therapy and surveillance to monitor for disease recurrence.

Benefits of Choosing a Los Angeles TaTME Specialist:

Expertise and Experience: TaTME specialists at Armen Gregorian, MD, have extensive experience and training in performing complex colorectal surgical procedures, ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

Advanced Technology: Our specialists utilize state-of-the-art technology and techniques to deliver safe and effective treatment, minimizing the risk of complications and maximizing the chances of a successful outcome.

Comprehensive Care: Patients receiving treatment from a Los Angeles TaTME specialist benefit from personalized, multidisciplinary care tailored to their needs, ensuring the best possible outcome for their colorectal cancer treatment journey.


In conclusion, the role of a Los Angeles Transanal Total Mesorectal Excision (TaTME) specialist in colorectal cancer treatment cannot be overstated. Their expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence empower patients to confront cancer with confidence and resilience. At Armen Gregorian, MD, we stand alongside these specialists in the fight against colorectal cancer, advocating for superior care and better outcomes. For inquiries or consultations, please contact us at (818) 847-7067, and let us embark on this journey towards healing together.

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